Game Dev in Progress… Day 39

Photo by heylagostechie on Unsplash

Hello and good evening. It is Day 39 of my journey to becoming a software developer. This is the last week of working on the game as well as probably my internship. Today we were told that we might not have the funding to continue the program. However, we plan to continue on this project and have it finished and presented by the end of the week. All of today was peer coding the game and fixing any bugs as well as to make finishing touches. Chris found some bugs while play testing it over the weekend. Two of the bugs involved two of the features that I worked on which was the unique enemy waves and the mid boss.

The first bug had to do with one of the weapons not damaging the the mid boss. This weapon is the wave weapon and unlike the fireball’s, it didn’t damage the mid boss because I didn’t program it in. The wave weapon had a different tag labeled as “Wave” so when my script checks for collisions, it only checked for projectiles labeled “Fireball” and “Beam”. The fix was simple, I copied how I was checking the Fireballs and just changed the tag to Wave.

The second bug had to do with the unique waves not destroying themselves. The way we had the unique waves setup is that the enemies are childed into an game object. This is because we wanted to do all the rotations on the parent rather then the child. However the parent object stays even though all the child enemies are dead. The way to fix this was that I created a script which destroys the game object when all it’s children are destroyed. Then I just attach this script to all the unique waves prefabs.

With that, were almost done and is now the final push to finishing up this game. We play tested it a bit and we quickly found out that the game is super hard. We had Ryan play it for around 30 mins and couldn’t beat it. Some balance changes are in order to make the game playable and I think that is our next step. We will also work on some post processing implementations to make the game a bit nicer to look at. Thank you for reading!


Cristian Aspacio